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Tack Room is our signature scent and the one that launched our plan. There is the smell of the barn, warm and inviting, sure, but then there is the unique appeal of the tack room  itself. Bridles all hung on hooks, saddles on pegs, girths at the ready, all with the rich smell of leather and a hint of must.

Blue Ribbon speaks for itself. Congratulations! All those hours of hard work, the show nerves, the early mornings have finally paid off and you can enjoy the sweet smell of success, yes, my dear, that is champagne.

Involuntary Dismount. It's happened to all of us. Even if you'll never admit it, don't be ashamed... there's something actually quite nice about the sweet smell of dirt.

Ponybreath is what you might come across after a particularly good ride. Unique to wonderful and deserving animals, it is the smell of a handful of peppermints in the air.

Flyspray. If you happen to have it go off automatically in the barn - run and hide, but otherwise enjoy the benefits and the summertime smell of citronella.