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Line Honors is what makes it all worth it. No matter if you've just come around the buoys or you've done a major crossing, getting there first is always the best. You're getting a nod and a wave from the race committee and there is nothing like hearing the gun go off. We really like that gratifying smell of gunsmoke filling the air.

Compass Rose speaks for itself. Who doesn't love a big brass binnacle and the heading being called out? Ahh, the good old days. This really has the fresh smell of a rose garden on land - where you wish you were if you have to seriously call out for the rest of this watch... 

Dark & Stormy. All the sails are folded, the lines are flaked, you've left the dock and now it's time to catch up with your mates. Here's where the stories get told, the ribbing happens and you wouldn't trade it for the world. This round is on the skipper and it is smells like rum, lime and ginger.

Dogwatch is the dreaded 4am-8am lookout post. Few of us like it and some really hate it. Regardless of how you feel some really good things can happen here - bioluminescence, the sun coming up over the horizon, a flying fish here and there. Whatever happens there is one thing we know you'll need... the smell of coffee.

Captain's Cabin. A bit of a mystical place. Private and elusive. Whether it's where you live or just a place you'd like to investigate there's a scent of confidence, courage and a smell of old wood and a hint of cologne.